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It’s like a Fitbit for light.
Everyday we’re exposed to different light sources.
The appropriate amounts are as unique as our individual biology.

Some light sources are better than others depending on the time of day, but Sol.Ai knows the difference.

Here’s how it works.

Place an array of Sol.Ai‘s around your home. They’re powered from ambient light.
They form a mesh network and learn about your light exposure.

Sol.Ai lets you see how much of each type of light you’re getting, making smart recommendations so you can take control of your light health.

Sol.Ai can even talk to your wifi enabled lights, tailoring a healthy light regimen to you and your family.

Super Intelligent

Knows its surroundings.

Light Aware

Sees the whole spectrum.

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Health Oriented

Takes the guesswork out of light health.

Classic White

Our first model

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Gloss Black

Sleek and stealthy

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Dust Blue

Versatile and eclectic

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Starter Array

Perfect for starting out

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Colorware Array

Vibrant metallic colors

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Whole House Array

Covers 6 rooms

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