3D Content for Psuedo-Holographic Display System

Dreamoc Display Animation

This is an example of 3D content produced for the holographic display system called the Dreamoc HD3. It uses slanted optical glass to give the illusion of images being contained within the display. Its purpose was to add a multimedia element to an eyewear shop. The style we sought was one that combined hand made and high tech. The 3D content highlights the materials used in the eyewear product and their quality/strength.

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4 Eyed Society Introduction

Filmic Landing Page Video

This short video was created to capture the feel of an eyewear brand, evoking warmth and memories of past eras. It was shot on a 5D MkII with a Leica Summilux R 50mm.

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Short Subject Realism

Tedious Euphoria

A short made for a seminar in realism. It features Wes Freitas as a man in a heroin induced languid state. He has one goal, pick up his girlfriend from the airport. Will he overcome his dream world and break into reality …or just wake up on his couch and realize he’s botched the whole thing? It plays with tenets of traditional film realism, adhering to some and eschewing others. Inspired by a Calvin & Hobbes comic.

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Nature Videography at Vasquez Rocks


A short experiment made when I first got my Leica Summilux-R 50mm. It features nature footage rendered abstractly, remixed with itself. The color grading was done with Magic Bullets Looks. The music it is set to, Erik Satie’s Furniture Music, is considered an early example of minimalism. The aspect ratio is tailored for viewing on a smart phone in portrait orientation.

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Multi-media Theater


Samsara was a retelling of four traditional Indian fables from the Panchatantra. It used dance, projected animation that could be scripted and controlled in real time with Isadora, human performers and robotic instruments. I was the animation director and crafted the visual themes of the performance. Each fable was grounded in a diametric pair of colors. This informed the lighting design. All together I produced 55 minutes of 3D animation, styled to feel hand drawn and magically abstract.

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Motion Graphics for Music Video

First Light

This is animation I produced for A Jon Wayne music video. It follows a slug as it befriends a seed pod. It’s rendered in a flat shaded style that lends to its unhinged quality. I was given free reign on this project with the only prompt being ‘nature’.

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3D Animated Short Movie

Wing & Powerless

This animated short was made for my final project at the California Institute of the Arts. It is an abstract tale of a stag beetle who wants to reach the moon, but in the end mistakes a white flower for the moon, its limited perception a mystery of whether it knows it mistook it or not. The musical accompaniment is an arrangement of A Perfect Circle’s song Weak And Powerless.

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Live Music With Animation

Covering Weak And Powerless

This is a live cover of the song Weak And Powerless by A Perfect Circle. The animated short shown above is shown here projected on three screens. I made an arrangement utilizing the instruments of the KarmetiK Machine Orchestra.

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Abstract Animation Set to Classical Music

Visual Vivaldi

This was the first motion graphics animation I made. It was made in Premiere Pro 1.5, the first version to support 1080p video. I taught myself how to use the program in 2006. This video is best experienced in a dark room with headphones on, this will let you be immersed in the imagery I see when listening to Vivaldi’s Concerto Grosso in B Minor, which I have always considered to sound very silver.

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