Hypothesizing A.I. Interfaces

In the near future, software intelligence's will be ever present in our lives. It's necessary to start building them in life affirming, human-centric ways.

What is MARBL?

A 4K 60fps Depth Camera

A Deep Learning Virtual Assistant

What can it do?

Recognize the unseen patterns in your environment

Provide you Insights on everything from home security to backyard gardening

Product Video

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UX Research for MARBL


Natural Language Summaries

Insights are the primary means of interacting with MARBL. Insights are delivered to the user in concise, readable summaries and in limited numbers only when something arises that needs attention. The algorithm’s Certainty is revealed to the user as a relevant piece of information, allowing the user to tailor their action to it. A 3 star rating system is used to quickly grant MARBL feedback about its accuracy. Insights are arranged by high, mid, and low priority. There are also Historical Insights, denoted by pale blue, and Health Insights, which require timely action are delivered with a special denotation.

Swipe through Insights

Image Recognition

Feed Interface

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