The Reconnection

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“Increase your users by adding to your existing database.”

Other sign in methods such as Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google can be used

Improve Customer Engagement

Build Brand and Recognition

Provide Value to Your Customers

Location-based services provide global reach and provide an extra layer of context to any situation

The U.S. mobile worker population is expected to eclipse 105 million by 2020.

As more workers leave the corporate office to seek alternative workspaces, either at home or on the road, businesses are searching for technology that will help them shift into the ever-increasing mobile world.

Create a beautiful user experience with easy to access information.

5 Key Benefits of Native Mobile Apps

  • Native Apps Have The Best Performance
  • Native Apps Are More Secure
  • Native Apps Are More Interactive And Intuitive
  • Native Apps Allow Developers to Access the Full Feature Set of Devices
  • Native App Development Tends to Have Fewer Bugs During Development


The app landscape is cutthroat! Once an app is downloaded and opened, more than 75 percent of smartphone owners never use it again. Retention drops to 11 percent within the first week. Data from an app is only useful if smartphone owners open and engage with them on a consistent basis.

Daily time spent in minutes on mobile devices

Kinds of apps being used

Form factors of devices used