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  • Brutalist
  • Industrial
  • Mid-Century
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Brutalism Inspired Lamp

This lamp was designed to make use of increasingly popular LED strips or surface mounted LED’s. It takes the cold, often unnatural quality of LED light and houses it in a rough hewn, starkly geometric form. The base is made of cast bronze with a dark, dingy patina. The top is black walnut wood, sanded to a fine grit and finished with teak oil. The knurled handle completes the utilitarian feel.

Light Control

Bronze wedge base enables cantilevered design.
Walnut beam houses electronics.
Knurled slider provides continuous light level adjustment.
Cloth wrapped cord is slim and understated.


Color, Material, and Finish

The materials connote an industrial aesthetic while the dark quality of the colors communicate a sleek, understated look.

Dark Bronze Patina
Black Walnut
Knurled Stainless


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