Writing Desk


  • Minimal
  • Japanese
  • Mid-Century

A lean, airy desk for unencumbered writing

This desk was made to be a sleek, minimal writing desk. It has a two level design that provides an area under the glass surface for organizing papers and other things. The wood slats that make up this lower area then continue part way down the back, transitioning from functional to ornamentation. The wood slats give it a Japanese or even California Modern feel. The colors are no doubt mid-century inspired. This was my second desk built and first welding project. I used an oxy-acetylene torch to heat the steel tubes then shape them. The most time consuming part was ensuring everything was square and even.

3D Model

Tailored for the Balans Kneeling Chair

The stance and height of the desk was chosen to work in union with the Balans kneeling chair. The chair even stows nicely on the desks lower cross-members, as you can see in the image gallery below.



Colors were meant to convey serenity and strength. They are colors you would find in an industrial setting, but softer and more refined.

Materials were selected for workability. The steel tubing was easy to weld, cut and bend. The wood and glass are traditional furniture materials.

Finishes were a matter of practicality and user experience. The steel tubing has a satin clear coat to protect it from rust. The tubing was brushed with a wire rotary brush. The wood was wet sanded to 2000 grit and then rubbed with teak oil and burnished with extra fine steel wool. This gives it a glassy smooth touch finish and slight iridescence.

Yellow Heart Wood
Grey Glass
Brushed Steel Tube


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