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  • Near Future
  • Sterile
  • NASA
RFID Proximity

Health Power-Up for an AR Game

This concept was developed to be an object scattered around a playable AR environment, which would mimic a ‘medkit’ power-up found in a traditional video game. The band is elastic and can quickly be slipped on a player’s wrist. There is a space for an RFID chip inside which is read by a wearable computer the player has on, giving the player the corresponding health power-up.

Durable aluminum sides.
Blue color is a common signifier of palliative devices, it’s the most common color next to white for medical devices.
RFID for communicating with player’s wearable computer.
Elastic band easily slips over wrist during play.

Color & material

Colors were selected for their connotations. Blue is symbolic of health energy, vibrancy, water, and the sky. While white is sterile, blank, and fresh.

Materials like glossy acrylic and ripstop nylon with its microgrid pattern was chosen because of its similarity to materials used in space exploration.

Sapphire Acrylic
Brushed Aluminum
Ripstop Nylon