• Core77 Design Competition


  • Minimal
  • Industrial
  • Japanese
  • Extruded ABS
  • Aluminum bar

Printing Tiny, Scalable Furniture

This small table/bedside stand represents my first attempt to utilize inherent qualities of the extruded ABS medium to great effect. I chose to use off-white or ‘natural’ colored filament, and designed it with the goal of the striations present in the form being part of its appeal rather than a detriment. The ‘legs’ on each end approached the limit of my 6″x6″x6″ volume printer. The bars of aluminum were sandblasted and then sprayed with clear sealant to achieve an anodized look but for less. The style was inspired by Japanese sculptural forms, combining smooth undulations with slabs and sharp edges.

From Concept to Completion

Below is a gallery showing concept renderings, build process, and the final product.